Hot Tub Winterization NH

Massachusetts and New Hampshire are no strangers to cold weather, which can make hot tubs all the more enjoyable. But, for anyone looking to protect their hot tubs against the harsh weather, call a professional service for proper winterization and storage. A hot tub winterization service should have an appointment a few weeks in advance but because it is difficult to plan around New England weather, don’t hesitate to call for emergency winterization services with an unexpected early snow season.

Winterization services include a professional clearing all traces of water from your hot tub and administering antifreeze into the hot tubs system to protect the pipes from freezing. Although it seems easy, a professional technician will take care of everything from disconnecting power to ensuring that all the pipes have adequate protection from the cold. ​

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    Hot Tub Freeze Damage Repair Service

    Hot tub freeze damage can lead to severe damage to the piping system and pump. The wet end of the pump will usually take the most damage from freezing, but if caught soon enough, all the damage is repairable. But if the spa has been frozen for more than a few weeks, then the hot tub may be beyond repair.  Call a pro as soon as you see there’s the possibility of freeze damage, so our technicians can make any necessary repairs and prevent further damage. ​

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    Spa Opening & Spa Closing Service

    Closing a spa tub is what it means to close the hot tub for the season by eliminating all, or as much as possible, water from the system. An in-ground hot tub or spa has the opportunity each winter to have the pipes burst or crack from water in the system freezing and expanding.

    To protect a spa, you must close it during the winter months. For a spa tub opening, you’ll want to undo everything from the winterization essentially.

    First, remove the winter tarp, or spa cover, then remove the thermal cover. Before doing anything else, assess your hot tub for possible damage and debris. If there was any water in the system when it was closed, now is the time to have a professional evaluate your pipes for damage.

    Next, you’ll need to clean the filter and the spa shell. For the shell, it’s critical to use only approved acrylic cleaners and avoid generic foam-based cleansers. After a professional assess your hot tub for the damage, they’ll begin to review the condition of the filter and pump systems. In the meantime, you should expect a thorough cleaning of the shell and hard thermal cover.

    Finally, our technicians will go through and reconnect all of the disconnected fittings that have been open throughout the winter. Additionally, a technician should carefully evaluate the top of the pump as well as the in and out areas of the filter and the heater. Our spa technicians need to ensure that all of the valves are in the appropriate position and that all the pipes are in good condition before attempting to fill the hot tub. ​