Hot Tub Cleaning Service NH

From new hot tub owners to well-seasoned spa soakers, anyone can fall behind on general hot tub maintenance and cleaning. Choose to have a professional service schedule regular maintenance instead

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    Hot Tub Maintenance Service

    Hot Tub Service Pros takes care of all the maintenance needs of a hot tub including circulation, scrubbing, and filters. These three aspects of maintenance can extend the life of your hot tub by years!

    Circulation is key to maintaining the overall health of your hot tubs pipes, and pumps. A pro technician can ensure that a hot tub's circulation cycles are working correctly. They may take additional steps such as adding cleaning powder to remove residue from oils, soaps, and lotions that come from anyone soaking in the tub.

    Aside from circulation and general scrubbing, a significant maintenance concern is the filters. Similar to a pool filter, the hot tub's filters require regular rinsing, spraying, and even occasional soaking in a chemical cleaner.

    Filters can usually benefit from one or all of these three cleaning methods. Trained hot tub service professionals can quickly identify which is the best method, or if all three are necessary to clean a filter properly. On occasion, these filters require replacement as no chemical or amount of spraying will get them to a suitable level of cleanliness.

    Hot Tub Service Pros offers regular maintenance services which include evaluation and cleaning of the filters as well as circulation maintenance. Booking these routine maintenance tasks can make any hot tub experience stress-free. ​

    Hot Tub Cleaning Service

    Scrubbing the tub isn’t what most people imagine when they have a hot tub put in, and it’s no wonder that the cleaning service is one of the most popular scheduled services. Hot tub cleaning includes a general scrubbing of the interior, a regular cleaning over the exterior, removal of the scum line, and review for mildew presence or cracks. This service also includes a flush for tubes, plumbing, as well as filter replacement services for additional fees.

    A regular cleaning service can help hot tub owners get the most out of their investment without the stress of maintaining it themselves.

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