Hot Tub Installation Service NH

Too often homeowners take installation into their own hands. Do not attempt to install a hot tub on your own, too many things can go wrong, and you don’t want to risk damaging your recent big-ticket purchase. If you’ve recently purchased a new or used hot tub, and you need help connecting it properly to plumbing and electrical, as well as having it inspected to make sure it’s performing properly, don’t hesitate to call our hot tub service!

Let the pros at Hot Tub Service Pros install your hot tub, in a way that is safe, and with the lowest risk to your investment or your yard.

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    Hot Tub Set Up Service NH

    Before anything else, set up an appointment with a pro for a hot tub installation or set up. A hot tub must sit on a solid and level area in your yard. It will also need to have close access to a garden hose, and electricity. A professional technician can survey your property and help you choose the best place to install the hot tub. ​

    In many cases, delivery of a hot tub will not come with the installation. If during delivery the company sees that the backyard or area where you want to hot tub to sit, is inaccessible you may be in a tight spot. Hot Tub Service Pros works with homeowners to plan out delivery and installation. We can help prepare the area for your new hot tub and ensure that it’s delivery accessible.

    Professionals will also be able to identify if the electrical requirements are available. Most hot tubs require a 110v or a 220 v outlet. For hot tubs that require 220v access, a hot tub installation professional will need to work with a certified electrician for proper wiring and connection to the hot tub panel.

    Most of the jobs we help assisting with set up are for second-hand hot tub purchases. Scheduling a hot tub installation and set-up with us will include everything from connecting it the right way to testing performance and filling the tub for the first time.

    Tips on Setting Up Your Hot Tub

    Hot tubs, Jacuzzi’s and spa tubs work in very similar ways; here are some critical tips!

    Even Ground

    Nearly any professional will recommend that the Jacuzzi, spa or hot tub sit on a concrete foundation. It provides the best support and is the easiest to work with when it comes to delivery, maintenance, and repairs. But that doesn’t mean that you have to pour concrete.

    Decks provide even ground and are great for accommodating hot tubs. In some yards, the ground itself is level enough but always work with a professional to make sure. Hot Tub Service Pros offers Installation services to help guide new hot tub owners in placement decisions.

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    Check the Width of Gates and Doors

    You don’t want to arrange delivery only to realize that there’s no way to get the hot tub into the backyard. When scheduling your installation service, a professional will want to measure your gates and door to ensure that the yard is accessible for the delivery people.

    If it’s not alternative delivery options are available. Take the time to discuss these options such as crane delivery or temporary removal of portions of the gate before deciding on other delivery details.

    Prepare Your Spa Area

    Even if you plan on booking a professional cleaning and maintenance service, you’ll want to prepare an area for your spa that will eliminate the likelihood of unwanted debris. Many people remove low hanging branches or arrange to install the spa away from trees or bushes. Consider these factors when setting up your spa! ​