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    Thanks for visiting our site! We have over 10 years experience in repairing hot tubs and spas. Based in Southern NH, we service a large part of New Hampshire. Our technicians are the best in the biz! Give us a call today for a free quote on any of the following services we specialize in.

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    Hot Tub Repair

    Hot Tub Winterization Service

    Jacuzzi Repair

    Spa Diagnostics & Repair

    Troubleshooting & Repairs

    Hot Tub Freeze Damage Repairs

    Hot Tub Restoration

    Repairing Faulty Components

    Hot Tub Leak Repairs

    Damage Repair

    Control Panel Repairs

    Component Installation

    Spa Opening / Set Up

    Spa Closing / Storing

    Jet Blower Motor Replacement

    Spa Heater Repair

    Pump Repair

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    Types Of Hot Tubs We Service

    We have specialized experience with all makes and models, brands and sizes of hot tubs, including the following: 

    • HotSpring
    • Caldera
    • TigerRiver
    • Solana
    • HotSpot
    • Limelight
    • BullFrog
    • Sundance
    • Master Spa 
    • Vita Spa
    • Artesian Tubs  ...and more.

    Some Of The Hot Tub Brands We Work With

    Trust Your Hot Tub Repairs to the Experts!

    There are many various types of hot tubs, spas, and jacuzzis, each with various components that all must be functioning properly in order for your hot tub to work well and perform. When it comes to repairs we've got you covered. When it comes to winterizing and storing your hot tub properly for the season, we've done it countless times and can get it done the right way for you. When the deep freeze comes before you expect and your hot tub has freeze damage, we have experience with freeze damage repairs as well, and can get your hot tub fixed up and repaired, and properly winterized for you so that won't happen again. If for any reason your tub is not functioning, give us a call for diagnostics. We can pin-point the issue and recommend the necessary repairs, and replace any components that are not working. A great working spa is beneficial for many individuals, for relaxation, pain relief, stress release, as well as just plain fun. We love hot tubs, and love making our customers happy by fixing up their spas. Looking up "hot tub repair near me"? Call us today for great prices, exceptional service, and reliable repairs. 

    About Our Hot Tub Repair Service

    Based out of Southern New Hampshire, our hot tub repair service specializes in all things hot tub and spa related and services a large part of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Locally owned and operated, Hot Tub Service Pros are experienced with all brands of hot tubs, jacuzzis and spas. An in-depth knowledge of all the working parts and components of hot tubs, Joe is the best in the biz! Troubleshooting hot tub performance issues is one of his specialities, and narrowing down where the exact repairs or replacements need to happen is what he does best. Your hot tub is in good capable hands with Joe, and if you ever have any issues with your hot tub you know who to call first to get your jacuzzi up and running smoothly again!  When it's time to store your hot tub, Joe also does hot tub winterization and storage for many clients. Call today for all your hot tub service and repair needs. 

    Parts Of The Hot Tub

    Unfortunately, hot tubs are not as simple as anyone would like them to be; in fact, they are a slew of jets, hoses and mechanical parts that function together. Any of these parts can go out and begin causing problems. Additionally, the plumbing for the many jets and the skimmer can come with its own set of issues such as leaks or clogs.

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    • Air Jets: Air jets are responsible for creating those tantalizing bubbles that make soaking in a hot tub so enjoyable. Air jets typically set in the bottom of the hot tub.
    • Massage Jets: Unlike air jets that create bubbles, massage jets use the circulation pump to streamline water back into the hot tub. It provides the massage-like experience. 
    • Manifolds: Delivering a fresh supply of wonderfully hot water, the Manifold mixes the return water line with the hot water line. Manifolds are a common area for leaks in a hot tub.
    • Suction line: Keeping the hot tub water clean and moving, the suction line pulls water through the pipe network, the filtering system and then returns it into the hot tub. The suction line relies on the pump for power.
    • Pump: The pump performs many functions, but essentially it pushes water into the hot tub and pulls water out of it. The pump operates the suction line, and it powers the skimmer.
    • Skimmer: The skimmer works to ensure that no foreign objects make their way into the plumbing system. The skimmer relies on suction force to pull in fallen leaves, and other debris. Then it prevents these items from clogging up the pipes.
    • Filter: Similar to any other filter, a hot tub filter uses a fine mesh to catch all the smaller debris that can slip right by the skimmer. The filters should catch everything from moss to algae. But filters require regular cleaning and homeowners that skimp on cleaning should expect problems.
    • Heater: The heating unit in any hot tub will contain multiple parts, and technicians require extensive knowledge of how various heating units work.
    • PVC Tubes: The piping system for most hot tubs will use PVC piping or tubes for the most part. While this piping system will include a series of valves as well, the piping is what is of greater concern to most technicians. Many leaks occur with the PVC tubes.
    • Venturi Air Control: Air control is vital with any plumbing system, and the air control in a hot tub will create a passive suction which allows science to create the ‘whooshing' magic of a hot tub.
    • Hot Return Line: Some may refer to this simply as the return line, but this is part of the system which includes the pipes, fittings, and valves that stem off the heater and feed up to the manifold.

    Troubleshooting & Diagnosing Hot Tub Issues

    Diagnosing issues and trouble shootings are two of our top specialties. Our technicians can identify the core issue that has a hot tub misbehaving. We take great care to work carefully with the delicate network of nozzles, pipes and jet action, and to get the job done right the first time.

    Hot Tub Service Pros handles diagnosis and troubleshooting daily, helping homeowners to understand what went wrong with their beloved hot tub. There's no problem that we can't identify! Our technicians are always on standby to answer questions and dive deep into a mystery issue. ​

    Serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire for All Hot Tub Services & Repairs

    Hot Tub Service Pros works throughout the Massachusetts and New Hampshire region, servicing hot tubs for repair and more. Our technicians have an in-depth knowledge of each hot tub part, and how it plays out its role in the more extensive process. With a specialty in diagnosis and troubleshooting, there isn't a problem that will stump us! Call a professional for any hot tub repair, or leak. We'll check everything in your system from plugs to clamps, heaters, filters and more. We look forward to hearing from you!